Norwegische Waldkatzen av friheten (Norsk Skogkatt)

Currently: Laurens, born on 24 June 2018, is still looking for a new home. Click here for pictures of him.

Ostern erwarten wir Kitten von Elvy  & Jakob ! Ein Wurf in amber !

My Person

My name is Birgit Tuchtfeld.

I have been breeding Norwegian Forest Cats since 1983 under the name av friheten. You can find a good breed portrait under the link "Norwegian Forest Cats". My children and my work as a doctor led to the fact that I interrupted my breeding activity, which I began in Hamburg, for approximately 20 years. Since the children are now all out of the house, however, it continues now in the beautiful Ahnatal near Kassel again! Translated with

Ein gutes Rasseporträt finden Sie unter dem link „norwegische Waldkatzen“.

My children and my profession as a physian hinder me to breed for 20 years , but now I have started again that work I had started in Hamburg before.

My children are all out of home, so I started again on the countrieside of Ahnatal near Kassel.

Our Males

Our stud males are Hiemer's Finn-Anakin, born on 31.12.14, who has had plenty of offspring since 2017.

Meanwhile Jakob av friheten and Quantas von Dekeelsen are also active - they became sires of the litters K and L in 2018 - both born on 1.8.2017.

We live rural in Ahnatal-Weimar near Kassel. Since our garden is fenced in, all cats have the possibility to let off steam!

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Our Females

Our female cats are Elvy av friheten , born 31.5.2016 and Dagny vom Ahnatal, born 26.6.2017. Neta vom Steinbruchtal lives with us as a neuter.

We expect from you offspring in the colours amber, amber-silver and other dilution colours, red, tortie and black with and without white. As soon as there are news about this, it will be published under kittens. Further information...

Further information......